The Process

Discovering the Heart of Peshtemal: Our Journey to Denizli

Summer and Autumn 2023 marked pivotal chapters in the FAIR TO GOOD story. In Denizli, the cradle of Peshtemal production, we forged meaningful connections with producers and factories.

Our mission?

To salvage beautifully flawed Peshtemal fabrics and transform them into something exceptional. We encountered like-minded individuals, producers and merchants, willing to offer these unique materials at fair prices – a testament to our shared vision for sustainability.

a bird's eye view of a village with mountains in the background

Third Step: Embracing the Flaws

From delicate Peshtemals to robust Waffle-Pique fabrics, each piece we choose carries its own imperfections – a narrative of its creation. Whether it’s a small blemish or a significant cut meant for tailoring, these are the canvases for our creations. Our insight into these fabrics begins the moment they reach our hands; from there, the FAIR TO GOOD principles guide every decision.

The Artisans of Açara: Crafting with Conscience

In Sakarya, the heartland of Açara, our experienced tailors breathe life into these materials. Here, amidst a women-owned haven of fair wages and respect, each product is meticulously crafted, considering the unique texture and character of every fabric. Our artisans test and select the perfect sewing techniques to ensure each creation is as durable as it is beautiful.

From Sakarya to the World: A Journey of Responsibility

Once fashioned into our signature items, each product is lovingly tagged and packaged in Sakarya, ready for its journey from Istanbul to the world. But it’s not just about reaching destinations; it’s about how we get there. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, actively seeking greener transportation methods and compensating for carbon emissions. This ongoing quest is part of our larger goal to pave new paths in sustainable logistics.

The Unique Signature of Every FAIR TO GOOD Piece

Every FAIR TO GOOD item embarks on its unique journey, no two pieces are alike. Each carries its distinct ‘fingerprint’, a symbol of our effort to minimize the global carbon footprint. These aren’t just products; they’re statements of longevity, minimalistic aesthetics, and a lifestyle that cherishes what our planet offers. As we strive to be a catalyst for change, every item sold is a step towards a more resource-conscious future.

Meet Our Partners: The Collaborative Heart of FAIR TO GOOD

At FAIR TO GOOD, we believe that collaboration is the key to sustainable success. Each of our partners plays a vital role in our journey, bringing unique skills, perspectives, and a shared commitment to ethical practices. Join us in celebrating these relationships that make our vision a reality:

Açara Moda Evi:

Our journey is intertwined with the skilled artisans at Açara Moda Evi. Their dedication to craftsmanship and fair working conditions is the heartbeat of our production process.

Buldan Concept by Ibrahim Araç

Ibrahim Araç plays a crucial role in connecting FAIR TO GOOD and small ateliers. He secures materials that would otherwise be discarded, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Semray Tekstil

Our partner, Semray Textil in Denizli, champions our sustainable mission by providing us with eco-friendly leftover fabrics from production at fair prices

We are lucky to have Serdar Güvenkaya, CEO of Yollando, in our team. Yollando supports us in our search for green logistics.