Açara Moda Evi by Aysun Özcan

A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Elegance

Esra, Eda and Aysun from Açara Moda Evi.

The Early Thread

Aysun Özcan’s journey in fashion began in her youth, sewing out of necessity and passion. Recognized for her natural talent with needle and thread, she carved a path in the world of tailoring.

From Challenge to Opportunity:
After years of experience in weaving mills and bridal fashion, Aysun faced a turning point: unpaid wages led to her taking charge and eventually to the birth of Açara Moda Evi, supported by her sister Esra.

The Birth of Açara:
With determination, a sewing machine, and a vision for elegance, Aysun opened her first atelier in Akyazi, crafting bespoke garments that ranged from everyday wear to exquisite evening gowns.

Bridal and Beyond:
Açara evolved, moving to a larger space to accommodate Aysun’s passion for bridal and evening wear. Each piece is a collaboration between the client’s vision and açara’s craftsmanship.

The Weekly Fabric Hunt:
Aysun handpicks fabric remnants from local markets every week, giving new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded, in line with FAIR TO GOOD’s sustainable ethos.

Digital Expansion and Team Growth:
Embracing modernity, açara tapped into online sales, custom-tailoring pieces based on clients’ digital submissions. The team grew, reflecting Açara’s expanding reach and reputation.

Rooted in Abkhazian Heritage:
The name Açara, like its founders, is deeply tied to Abkhazian culture, renowned for its elegant weddings and rich traditions. This heritage is woven into every creation.

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