The FAIR TO GOOD principle

Weaving Ethics into Every Fibery

Our Three Cornerstones of Ethical Practice

At FAIR TO GOOD, our ethos is woven into the very fabric of our products. We stand on a tripod of ethics:

Fair Work

We champion a workplace where fair pay and respect for personal time aren’t luxuries – they’re essentials.

Nature Care

Every shipment leaves a carbon footprint; we strive to balance our steps by investing in carbon offset initiatives.

Resource Respect

Sustainability meets Kintsugi – at FAIR TO GOOD, we transform textile remnants into treasures, honoring each imperfection with eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Outlook to the Future

Crystal Clear Transparency

Transparency isn’t a mere policy; it’s our brand’s heartbeat. Our aim? To let you discern the essence of what a truly ‘good good’ – a FAIR TO GOOD creation – represents.

Greenwashing? Not on Our Watch

We don’t just talk the talk. Our action-oriented approach to environmental conservation is the antithesis of greenwashing. Where others offer vague promises, we offer the clarity of the ocean we pledge to protect.

Kenan Hochuli


The ethos of FAIR TO GOOD is deeply influenced by a respect for the ocean, a sentiment that resonates through our entire mission. This reverence for nature is what drives our commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. Each purchase you make is accompanied by a QR code, revealing the impact of your contribution. It’s a transparent window into the positive change you’re part of, showcasing how each choice you make helps shape a better world.

By choosing FAIR TO GOOD, you’re not just buying a product. You’re casting a vote for the future, for craftsmanship that respects the planet and its inhabitants. And yes, we make every thread count – especially the ones that others might discard. Our commitment to repurposing leftovers stands as a testament to our resource respect pillar, ensuring that every fiber gets its chance to shine in a new, meaningful form.

As we chart the course ahead, join us in turning the tide towards a more sustainable and ethically conscious lifestyle, one wave, one thread, one QR code at a time.