Together – Urban Tapestry

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80 x 170 cm / 31 x 67 in. 100% Cotton. The ‘Urban Tapestry’ towel from our ‘Together Series’ combines modern and rustic elements with its bold stripes and tribal patterns. This towel’s blend of grey, white, and rich pink hues makes it a striking accessory for the beach, spa, or as a decorative home…

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Embrace the eclectic with the ‘Urban Tapestry’ towel, a key piece in the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measuring 80 x 170 cm / 31 x 67 inches. Crafted from 100% cotton, this towel showcases a dual-design philosophy. The top half features a natural, muted color palette with tribal-like patterns, suggestive of traditional weavings. In contrast, the bottom half sports bold, modern stripes in pink and grey, accented with crisp white lines for a contemporary edge. This juxtaposition not only highlights the fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics but also enhances the towel’s versatility, making it well-suited for various uses and settings. Whether it’s draped over a lounge chair, used at a sandy beach, or displayed in an urban space, the ‘Urban Tapestry’ offers both utility and a statement in style.