Together – Turtle Moon

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80 x 165 cm / 31 x 65 in. 100% Cotton. ‘Turtle Moon’ from our ‘Together Series’ artfully combines tribal and celestial themes, featuring a prominent turtle motif surrounded by moon phases. This towel blends the spirit of earth and sky, making it ideal for those who cherish nature’s interconnectedness.

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Dive deep into the natural and cosmic wonders with ‘Turtle Moon’, a distinctive addition to the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measuring 80 x 165 cm / 31 x 65 inches. Crafted from luxurious 100% cotton, this towel elegantly portrays a large turtle symbol, which in many cultures represents endurance and longevity, set against a backdrop of evolving moon phases that illustrate the passage of time and the cyclical nature of life. The towel’s design uses a rich palette of earthy tones to ground the spiritual motifs, while the celestial symbols invite contemplation and connection to the broader universe. Whether used at the beach, during a meditative practice, or as a decorative piece in a home sanctuary, ‘Turtle Moon’ is designed to inspire and soothe. Its unique aesthetic and symbolic depth make it a perfect choice for anyone seeking to enrich their daily rituals with beauty and meaning.