Together – Tassel Harmony

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95 x 170 cm / 37 x 67 in. 100% Cotton. This unique towel from our ‘Together Series’ connects three pieces in a creative manner, featuring tassels along the sides. Perfect for the beach, spa, or home use, it’s quick-drying and lightweight.

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The ‘Tassel Harmony’ towel from the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’ measures 85 x 180 cm / 33 x 71 inches and is made from 100% cotton. Each of the three sections is creatively joined, with traditional tassels thoughtfully positioned along the sides rather than the usual top and bottom, adding a unique twist to its design. This towel’s design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality, making it an ideal choice for various settings including the beach, spa, or home. Its large size and lightweight, quick-drying features ensure it meets the practical needs of everyday use while providing a touch of elegance and comfort.