Together – Pink Panache

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78 x 160 cm / 31 x 63 in. 100% Cotton. ‘Pink Panache’ from our ‘Together Series’ elegantly marries a bright pink damask with a subtle grey leopard pattern, finished with earthy natural motifs. This towel exudes a sophisticated charm, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of nobility in their everyday essentials.

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‘Pink Panache’, a refined choice in the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, spans 78 x 160 cm and is crafted from the finest 100% cotton. The towel begins with an eye-catching bright pink damask design, richly detailed and vibrant, leading into a calm expanse of grey leopard print that provides a graceful contrast. The design concludes with a strip of earth-toned motifs, adding a grounded, natural feel to the sophisticated ensemble. This towel’s blend of bold and muted, ornate and simple, makes it a versatile accessory for the beach, a luxurious spa day, or as an elegant decorative piece in the home. ‘Pink Panache’ not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances any space with its distinguished aesthetic.