Together – Sunset Weave

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85 x 170 cm / 33 x 67 in. 100% Cotton. Dobby Weaving. This unique two-piece design is perfect for those who appreciate both boldness and subtlety in their beach or home essentials.

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‘Sunset Weave’, a distinguished addition to the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, showcases an exquisite blend of color and craftsmanship. Measuring 85 x 170 cm / 33 x 67 inches, this towel is crafted from premium 100% cotton and integrates traditional dobby weaving techniques to achieve its distinctive texture. The upper section radiates with the intense orange of a setting sun, while the lower section offers a calming contrast with its intricate, multicolored weave. This design not only enhances the towel’s visual appeal but also represents the union of opposites—vibrancy and tranquility, warmth and coolness—making it an ideal choice for diverse settings and uses. Whether laid out at the beach, draped over a chair, or used as a decorative throw at home, the ‘Sunset Weave’ towel offers both functionality and a touch of artistry.