Together – Octopus Embrace

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80 x 140 cm / 31 x 55 in. 100% Cotton. The ‘Octopus Embrace’ towel from our ‘Together Series’ features a striking design with tentacle motifs of an octopus on top and a unique pattern below. Its compact size makes it stylishly spartan, ideal for those who appreciate expressive yet minimalist designs.

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The ‘Octopus Embrace’ is a distinct addition to the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measuring 80 x 140 cm / 31 x 55 inches. Crafted from 100% cotton, this towel captures the mysterious allure of the ocean with its bold octopus tentacle motifs contrasted against a subtle yet intricate lower pattern. Despite its smaller size, this towel does not compromise on style or impact. Its design is both minimalist and expressive, offering a chic and sophisticated option for beachgoers, spa lovers, or as an artistic addition to home decor. Perfect for those who seek functionality coupled with an artistic flair.