No 34 | Together – Tree by the Sea

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81 x 170 cm / approx. 32 x 70 inches. 100% Cotton. This unique towel from our ‘Together Series’ combines different textures and patterns, symbolizing the unity of friendships, families, and couples. Perfect for any occasion, it’s both elegant and sustainable.

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The ‘Tree by the Sea’ towel, part of the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’ is crafted entirely from high-quality 100% cotton. This unique design features a harmonious blend of different textures and patterns, reflecting the beauty of unity and togetherness.
Inspired by the idea of connections and relationships, this towel integrates various fabric pieces into a cohesive whole. Each section tells its own story, yet they come together to create a stunning, unified design. This towel is perfect for use at the beach, by the pool, or as a stylish addition to your home decor.
Choosing this towel means supporting our mission to protect the oceans and promote sustainable practices. Every purchase helps us save valuable materials from being destroyed, turning them into beautiful, functional art.