Together – Maritime Journey

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85 x 190 cm / 33 x 75 in. 100% Cotton. ‘Maritime Journey’ from our ‘Together Series’ is a generously sized towel perfect for two, featuring sand-resistant qualities and vibrant patterns that echo the sea. Captured as a truck delivered a boat, this towel symbolizes adventure and exploration, making it ideal for the adventurous duo.

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Embark on an epic seaside adventure with the ‘Maritime Journey’ towel, a prominent member of the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measuring an expansive 85 x 190 cm / 33 x 75 inches. Made from high-quality, sand-resistant 100% cotton, this towel is designed to accommodate two comfortably, making it perfect for shared beach days or cozy picnics by the sea. Its design features elegant wave patterns and abstract motifs reminiscent of ocean currents and sea creatures, set against a backdrop that tells a story of movement and transition — inspired by the moment a truck carefully transported a boat. Whether spread on the sand or laid out on the deck of a boat, ‘Maritime Journey’ invites its users to lie back and enjoy the rhythm of the waves, providing not just comfort but also a piece of the vast ocean’s soul.