Together – Kartal

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80 x 150 cm (approximately 2 feet 7 inches x 4 feet 11 inches). 100% cotton. Jacquard Weave. Seven pieces (one big, six small).

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The ‘Together Towel – Kartal’ is a tapestry of unity and design intelligence. Crafted from seven distinct rescued Peshtemal fabric pieces — one prominent central panel flanked by six smaller yet equally significant segments — this towel is a patchwork ode to sustainability and community. Each mosaic-like patch harmoniously converges, reflecting our ethos of ethical fashion and a collective narrative. Unique in its composition, the ‘Together Towel’ not only adorns your space but also tells a story of resilience and elegance. A proud statement piece that carries the spirit of solidarity with every thread, ready to become part of your conscious lifestyle.