Together – Island Dreams

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80 x 155 cm / 31 x 61 in. 100% Cotton. ‘Island Dreams’ from our ‘Together Series’ captures the essence of an island escape with its vivid blue patterns and tropical motifs. This towel is perfect for those who dream of sandy beaches and clear skies, offering a splash of paradise wherever it goes.

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Description: The ‘Island Dreams’ towel, part of the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measures 80 x 155 cm / 31 x 61 inches and is crafted from the finest 100% cotton. Featuring a bold composition of various blue patterns that include cobalt stone textures, traditional floral prints, and a central panel depicting the serene beauty of tropical foliage and ocean waves, this towel is a tribute to island life. Each panel is thoughtfully chosen to represent different elements of a tropical island, from lush vegetation to the expansive sea, creating a narrative that transports the user to a tranquil, exotic locale. Ideal for beach enthusiasts or anyone wishing to add a touch of escapism to their daily routine, ‘Island Dreams’ offers not just comfort but a piece of a dreamy, far-off paradise.