Together – Cultural Stripes

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85 x 145 cm / 33 x 57 in. 100% Cotton. The ‘Cultural Stripes’ towel from our ‘Together Series’ presents a captivating blend of modern and tribal motifs. With its unique pattern of stripes and symbolic designs, it offers a fresh and stylish take on traditional themes, perfect for the beach or as a vibrant…

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Dive into the vibrant array of patterns with the ‘Cultural Stripes’ towel, an innovative addition to the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’. Measuring 85 x 145 cm / 33 x 57 inches, this towel is woven from 100% cotton and showcases a distinct combination of contemporary stripes and ancient tribal symbols. The top section features a complex grid pattern transitioning into a series of soft, muted stripes, followed by bold pink and aqua bands, reflecting a modern aesthetic. The bottom portion contrasts this with bold yellow hues and white tribal designs, invoking the spirit of ancient art. This dynamic juxtaposition not only makes the towel visually striking but also culturally rich, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a blend of history and modernity in their textiles. Whether used at the poolside, beach, or displayed in an urban space, ‘Cultural Stripes’ stands out as a functional piece of art.