Together – Contrast Harmony

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84 x 160 cm / 33 x 63 in. 100% Cotton. This classic two-piece towel from our ‘Together Series’ showcases an elegant mix of contrasting colors, fabrics, and weaving techniques (Jacquard above, Dobby below). Perfect for those who appreciate a bold statement, it’s equally striking on both sides.

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The ‘Contrast Harmony’ towel, part of the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’, measures 84 x 160 cm / 33 x 63 inches and is crafted entirely from high-quality 100% cotton. This classic two-piece design features a striking combination of contrasting colors and textures, making it visually appealing from every angle. The concept ‘opposites attract’ is beautifully embodied in this towel, making it not only a functional piece for beach, spa, or home use but also a statement in aesthetic contrast and elegance. Its reversible nature adds versatility and style, ensuring it stands out in any setting.