Together – Coastal Trio

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80 x 140 cm / 31 x 55 in. 100% Cotton. ‘Coastal Trio’ from our ‘Together Series’ brings together a delightful blend of sunny yellow, oceanic blue with a school of fish, and a charming strip of baby turtles. This towel’s unique lengthwise connection of three vibrant sections offers a fresh and playful take on…

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Embrace the charm of the seaside with the ‘Coastal Trio’ towel, a vibrant addition to the FAIR TO GOOD ‘Together Series’. Measuring 80 x 140 cm / 31 x 55 inches, this 100% cotton towel features three distinct yet harmoniously connected sections. The first section dazzles with a sunny yellow pattern, the second captivates with a swirling blue fish swarm, and the third enchants with adorable baby turtles, all aligned lengthwise for a continuous and engaging design. This arrangement not only makes the towel visually striking but also enriches its story, portraying the vibrant life found at the shore. Perfect for the beach or as a delightful decoration at home, ‘Coastal Trio’ offers both versatility and a burst of color, ensuring it stands out wherever it goes.