No 40 | Mosaic – Rosy Power

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85 x 160 cm / approximately 33.5 x 63 inches. 100% cotton. This vibrant towel from our “Mosaic Series” is crafted from eight distinct pieces, creating a unique and dynamic composition.

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Introducing the “Rosy Power” towel from the FAIR TO GOOD “Mosaic Series.” This piece is made from eight different fabric sections, each featuring a variety of cultural patterns and stripes. The combination of these elements forms a beautiful mosaic that is both eye-catching and meaningful.
The standout feature of this towel is the prominent pink stripe that runs boldly across it. This stripe represents rosy power and strength, symbolizing positivity and resilience in a world filled with diverse patterns and cultures. The harmonious blend of colors and designs speaks to the unity and beauty found in diversity.
Made from high-quality, lightweight 100% cotton, the “Rosy Power” towel offers softness and durability, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether at the beach, by the pool, or as an elegant addition to your home decor, this towel is sure to make a statement.
By choosing the “Rosy Power” towel, you are supporting our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Each purchase helps reduce waste by transforming excess materials into stunning, functional art pieces.