The Pact

At FAIR TO GOOD, our journey began not just with a product, but with a promise. Kenan, while riding the waves off the Californian coast, felt “a deep connection” with the ocean and its formidable inhabitants — the sharks.

Facing his fears, he made a pact: “I am no danger to you. Let me be, and I will support you.” This moment of understanding and respect forged the ethos of FAIR TO GOOD.

A Glimpse into the Beginnings

Watch Vlog No. 1 featuring some of the first recordings of Kenan, reflecting on his promise made to sharks and sketching the vision for FAIR TO GOOD, all while on his way to Tourmaline Beach for what he calls an “advanced beginner surf session.”

Our Commitment as We Grow

Currently, FAIR TO GOOD is in the early stages of our business operations. Every dollar we generate is being reinvested into the project to build a solid foundation. While it’s too early to make donations to marine conservation organizations at this stage, we are actively engaging with several groups and will begin supporting them as soon as it’s feasible. Upholding our pact and promise to the oceans is at the heart of what we do.